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Promoting Personal Security

Sexual assault on women is a major problem. These events readily occur at night on college campuses, parks, business and commercial parking lots and public events. Attacks on women have been reported to occur while walking across a college campus, in a shopping mall parking lot, jogging in the park, walking from the car to the front door of a house. The clear answer to this problem is education. We must educate men from an early age that sexual assault on women is wrong. Women have the same rights as men in this country and should feel safe in their everyday life. This education must start in the home with the father or “father figure” and continue through school sponsored programs. And as a deterrent, law enforcement must convey a zero tolerance to this crime.

The harsh reality is we don’t (yet) live in a perfect society and we do need to take precautions to protect ourselves from known dangers. To this end, women need to make smart decisions in order to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault.

It’s well known that sounding an alarm or making attention getting loud noises by blowing a whistle has deterred would be attackers. Screechingly loud security whistles that can be attached to a keychain or worn around the neck on a lanyard is a very inexpensive precaution that women can take now.

Obviously, security whistles and other personal protective measures alone will not solve the sexual assault problem women face, but together with education and zero tolerance laws we could be on our way to freeing women to feel safe in their everyday lives.

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