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Lock and Key: A Brief History

Locks are everywhere. They are how we protect our valuable possessions. You only have to look at your keychain to be re-minded just how pervasive these mechanical metal devices are in our lives. The first locks showed up in ancient Egypt around 2000BC. These Egyptian door locks as they were called are the origin of today's modern pin and tumbler designs. The first all metal locks appeared around 870-890. These locks were fabricated by the Romans based on Egyptian design principles. The 1800s saw many advancements in the development of lock making. In 1861, an American named Linus Yale, Jr. invented the cylinder lock again referring to the Egyptians for their design principles. Today, the cylinder lock is the most common lock design. In this lock, your key turns a cylinder which turns an attached cam which translates the turning cylinder into linear motion of a bolt. Turning the cylinder one way causes the cam to release the bolt while turning it in the opposite direction causes the cam to pull the bolt in. The main variation in lock design is the mechanism which enables your key to turn the cylinder. The most common mechanism for achieving this is known as the pin-tumbler design. In this deign, the grooves in your key matches up with a series of pins of varying lengths. Inserting the correct key results in the top of the pins lining up perfectly with the space where the cylinder and housing come together enabling the cylinder to turn to activate the bolt.

As with locks, keychains are everywhere as well. They not only function to keep your keys together, but they make great business and personal promotional items. We manufacture and distribute a variety of unique styles and configurations both blank and custom printed with your name, logo or message.

Please contact us for assistance in finding the keychain thatís right for you 518-761-0313.

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