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Got A Light? Origin of the Flashlight

The tubular flashlight as we know it was invented in 1896 by David Misell. Before then people were left to very unsafe methods utilizing oil lamps for finding their way in the dark. Early flashlight models were very inefficient due to limitations in both battery and light bulb design. They were capable of producing only short pulses of light, hence the name flashlight. Also, they were big and bulky due the large size of the batteries at the time. Development of more reliable flashlights followed closely with the evolution of batteries and light bulbs. The invention of the smaller and lighter weight D cell battery in 1888 made possible the development of the first truly practical hand-held portable flashlight. Brighter and longer lasting light bulbs were made possible in1906 with the replacement of Edisonís carbon filament with tungsten.

Today both incandescent (filament) and the newer more powerful and longer lasting Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashlights can be found everywhere in all shapes, sizes and colors. They have become indispensable objects in our everyday lives. They can found in our homes, cars, camping gear and on our keychains. Functional and practical items have always made ideal business promotional items and mini flashlights are no exception. Products that are practical and fun to use will keep your name, logo or message clearly visible over a long period of time. We specialize in the manufacturing of small and compact LED flashlight keychains that go where you go while not weighing you down. They are available in a variety of very attractive colors either blank or customized with your personal information.

Please contact us with any questions or help with your mini LED flashlight selection.

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