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Custom Engraved Items As Low As!
Carabiners $0.45 ea - Metal Whistles $0.45 ea - Bottle Openers $0.45 ea - Carabiner Flashlights $1.40 ea.

FAQ: Flashlights

Can I engrave on both sides?
-Yes. The second side on all flashlights is available for laser engraving. The image area is the same as on side one. Second side engraving incurs a $0.25 charger per flashlight.

How many characters will fit?
-We donít count characters since we can enlarge and reduce your text to fit in the image area. For lots of text we can set the type on more than one line. In all cases your text will be clearly legible.

Can you reproduce my logo?
-Yes, in most cases we can engrave your logo alone or in combination with text. The exception is when the logo contains too much detail for the size it must be reduced to in order to fit on the product.

Are the batteries included?
-Yes. Each flashlight includes four AG3 Button Cell batteries.

Do the flashlights come individually packaged?
-No, all orders are shipped bulk. We do offer special packaging. For an additional $0.10 ea. We will place each flashlight in a separate zip lock clear poly bag.

Are the clips on the Clip-on flashlights removable?
-Yes. The clips can be removed or repositioned to face the opposite direction.

Why are there four LED colors?
-Each color has its own benefits.

So which one is right for you?
White: The most popular and great for all around use. With a white light everything is viewed in full color. Typically, our flashlights with black cases are outfitted with white lights. Our new clip-on mini LEDs all have white lights and are available with black, blue, red and silver metal housings.

Red: Red light is a favorite among pilots, sailors, fisherman and astronomers as it preserves night vision. Other applications for Red light include signaling, map reading and as a symbol of safety. A red light is ideal for finding your way in a dark movie theater and reading your program without disturbing your neighbors.

Blue: Blue is among the brightest of LED lights and are great for taking on a stroll at night.

Green: Green light is very attractive and nearly as bright as the blue and white lights.

How does the engraving look on the silver flashlights?
-Laser engraving on silver shows up white. Itís clearly visible, but subtle. Itís a great low key attractive look.


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