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Carabiners $0.45 ea - Metal Whistles $0.45 ea - Bottle Openers $0.45 ea - Carabiner Flashlights $1.40 ea.

A Brief Carabiner History

Due to the extreme popularity of our accessory carabiners, we thought you might enjoy a short explanation of their origins. The first carabiners (pronounced ‘carabeener’ and affectionately referred to as “biner”) were used in the sailing industry. Early carabiners were made from low carbon steel which was easily hand forged and workable with hand tools to form different shapes. The need for stronger carabiners lead to the use of high carbon steel which produced stronger carabiners through a process called heat-treating. Lighter weight aluminum carabiners were developed during WWII. The new lighter weight models lead to more opportunities and popularity in the climbing industry. Climbers are always looking for lighter weight gear that won’t weigh them down for obvious reasons. Our accessory carabiners which are no load bearing and not for climbing are replicas of these very popular and ubiquitous climbing tools. Keychain carabiners can be seen hanging from back packs, beltloops and bag handles in a variety of styles, colors, configurations and shapes. They have become a standard promotional item and a very effective marketing tool with your name, logo or message laser engraved on the surface.

Contact us for assistance in selecting the carabiner keychain that’s right for you 518-761-0313.

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